WEEKDAY: Adult $52++ | Child $30++ | Senior Citizen  $44++*
WEEKEND/EVE/PH: Adult $56++ | Child $32++

*Senior Citizen Dinner Promotion is only valid for Dinner from Mondays – Thursdays, except Eve and on Public Holidays. Not valid in conjunction with any other promotions, discounts or privileges. For Senior Citizens (60 years old & above), NRIC may be requested for verification purposes.

Kid Dine for FREE* with every 2 paying adults!

*Regular Buffet inclusive of ONE complimentary choice of Double Boiled Treasure OR Tantalizing Tom Yum.

Crayfish 虾婆
Oysters 蚝
Prawns 虾
Black Mussels 螺
Patin Fish Rose Roll 巴丁鱼玫瑰卷
Deep Fried Fish Fillet 炸鱼片
Fresh Squid 鲜鱿鱼
Soaked Cuttlefish 泡鱿鱼

Flower Clams 花蛤
Half Shell Scallop 扇贝
Salmon Fillet 三文鱼片
Bamboo Clam 竹蚌
Gong Gong 贡贡
Mini Cuttlefish 小鱿鱼
Mini Octopus 小八爪鱼
Octopus Leg 八爪鱼脚

Thinly Sliced Beef 薄片牛肉
Thinly Sliced Pork Collar 薄片猪肉
Thinly Sliced Pork Belly 薄片三层肉
Thinly Sliced Lamb 薄片羊肉
Chicken Fillet 鸡肉片
Pig’s Liver 猪肝
Pig’s Stomach 猪肚

Fish Glue 鱼滑
Fortune Fish Paste 富贵鱼浆
House Special Shrimp Paste 特制虾浆
Beef Paste 牛肉浆
Chicken Meat Paste 鸡肉浆
House Pork Paste 猪肉浆
Shrimp Wanton 云吞
Crab Stick 蟹棒
Stuff Beancurd Skin 酿豆皮
Cheese Tofu 芝士豆腐
Fish Ravioli 鱼饺

Fish Maw 鱼鳔
Local Fish Ball 鱼丸
Fish Sandwich 鱼肉三文治
Crab Nugget 北海翅
Lobster Ball 龙虾丸
Snow Crabstick 雪蟹棒
Fishball with Roe 鱼包蛋
Luncheon Meat 午餐肉
Chicken Sausage 香肠
Korean Fish Cake on Stick 韩式鱼饼

Emperor Shiitake 椎茸
King Oyster Mushroom 杏鲍菇
Golden Mushroom 金针菇
Leek 韭葱
Chinese Cabbage 大白菜
Chinese Spinach 菠菜
Local Lettuce 生菜
Xiao Bai Cai 小白菜

Tang O 茼蒿
Agalic 黑木耳
Beancurd Skin 炸豆皮
Yam 芋头
Corn 玉米
Silken Tofu 绢豆腐
Romaine Lettuce 油麦菜

Thai Mama Noodle 泰式妈妈泡面
Green Noodle 菠菜面
Silver Noodle 粉丝

Garlic Rice 蒜蓉炒饭
Pao Fan 泡饭
Plain Rice 白米饭
Raw Egg 蛋
Quail Eggs 鹌鹑蛋