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1 week ago

We have been to Coca (Taka branch) several times, but this was really the last straw for all of us. FYI, Coca Restaurant standards has dropped to ultimate pit bottom. Let me share my experience with you, it happened on 13th March (wed), i booked through eatigo with 25% discount for lunch at 11.30am, 6pax, upon arriving we were rushed to start eating even though some of my friends have yet to arrive, the staffs simply said they need the table back at 1pm because we’re using eatigo app.

Firstly we were informed that there will be additional charges for soup base ($18) even though its an ala carte buffet, this is really confusing if it is a hotpot buffet, it should be one flat price inclusive of the soup. So we had to pay extra $18x2 as there were 6 of us.

Next was ordering the raw items through their ipad, the orders came very slowly and had many missing orders, when we informed them of the missing items, the staffs seemed blur, impatient, no smiles. This cycle repeated throughout the whole meal, you feel like they are trying to buy time by slowing down everything.

Food wise, the chicken soup base was oily, too thick and left a bad aftertaste in your mouth. The individual raw prawns had an annoying stick stuck to it, it wasnt like that before and thats is really not environmentally friendly.

Next was, the bill automatically came to us even before 1pm. We were not even done eating, my friends were still ordering on ipad, the order couldnt go through as they had blocked out our table orders and printed out the bill. They insisted we settle the bill immediately and we can continue to order food, that was a total LIE, because once you pay up, you cannot order anything anymore. To cut us out and look down on us that we will not order any priced item? Who are you trying to kid?

Lastly, a chinese guy staff called me by name only to tell me “5mins more”, what was that for? Chasing us away because we’re using eatigo?!?

It was really an embarrassing meal with eatigoXcoca that even my australian guests didnt enjoy the whole experience. They rush you to finish on time, yet take their own sweet time with orders and missing orders keep happening.

To Coca Management, please wake up your idea of focusing on moneygrubbing and intended bad/slow service and this whole episode was really terrible. If eatigo is really eating into your profits and you cant afford it, please opt out from this whole discount thing and dont mistreat/humilate your customers in this manner.
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