COCA is a renowned dining destination that transcends mere meals and elevates dining to an unforgettable experience above the clouds. Whether you’re a seafood enthusiast or just someone with discerning tastebuds seeking a premium dining encounter, COCA’s Premium Seafood Buffet is a dream come true. So, get ready for an extraordinary gastronomic adventure brimming with unparalleled quality, oceanic delights, succulent meats, garden-fresh vegetables, interactive hotpot classics, satisfying rice and noodle dishes, and unlimited drinks and desserts.


COCA’s Legacy: A Culinary Icon

Before we delve deeper into the wonders of COCA’s Premium Seafood Buffet, let’s take a moment to appreciate the legacy of COCA. Over the decades, COCA has stood as a beacon of culinary excellence, captivating diners with its innovative and meticulously crafted dishes. Moreover, our commitment to perfection and unwavering dedication to serving only the best have earned us a stellar reputation as a culinary icon, cherished by locals and visitors alike.

Through a rich heritage that dates back to our humble beginnings, COCA has since flourished into a global dining destination. This is a result of us preserving authentic flavors while embracing contemporary techniques, setting the stage for the culinary adventure that awaits at the Premium Seafood Buffet.


A Feast for the Senses

Firstly, as you step into COCA, a world of epicurean delights unfolds before you. Subsequently, let  anticipation build as you’re greeted with the wafting aromas of fresh seafood and sizzling meats. Before you know it, your senses are awakened and you know you’re about to embark on a journey of culinary dreams.

The very heart of COCA’s Premium Seafood Buffet lies a commitment to uncompromising quality. This is because our culinary artisans leave no stone unturned in sourcing the finest ingredients from across the globe. From the depths of pristine oceans to the lush fields that nurture bountiful harvests, COCA handpicks each component of your meal to create a symphony of flavors.


Seafood Bounty: A Journey Across the World’s Oceans

As we chart a course through the culinary realm, let us set sail into a realm where taste and texture converge, and flavors entwine like currents in the ocean. COCA’s Premium Seafood Buffet, a tribute to gastronomic excellence, beckons you to embark on a journey that traverses oceans, uncovering treasures from distant shores. It’s a feast that transcends the boundaries of time and place, where each dish captures the essence of its origin.

COCA’s Premium Seafood Buffet is a canvas upon which we paint a story that echoes the symphony of diverse marine ecosystems, showcasing a mosaic of flavors that span continents and traditions.

Discovering New Horizons

As you embark on your culinary expedition, the lure of succulent lobsters, abalones, and snow crab legs beckons. These exquisite additions, distinct and luxurious, set the stage for a refined seafood encounter that transcends mere sustenance. This isn’t just a meal; it’s an exploration of indulgence and sensation.

Diving into Quality and Craftsmanship

Our seafood bounty encapsulates COCA’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship. With meticulous attention to detail, we source the finest catches from the world’s oceans, ensuring each piece is an ambassador of its origin. The symphony of flavors that ensues is a testament to our dedication to elevating the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Savoring Memories

The echoes of this oceanic symphony will linger long after your meal ends. With every bite, you’re not merely consuming food; you’re experiencing the splendor of the world’s oceans. The harmony of flavors, the delicacy of textures, and the stories behind each dish come together to form a symphony that resonates within you.

In essence, COCA’s Premium Seafood Buffet is an invitation to partake in a voyage of taste and sensation. It’s a reminder that food is not just nourishment, but a means of transcendence—a portal to experiences, cultures, and memories that live on, forever etched in your heart and taste buds.


Meat Symphony: A Melody of Carnivorous Delight

As the maritime bounty unfolds, so does a symphony of savory delights grace COCA’s Premium Seafood Buffet. While our culinary expertise is rooted in the world of hotpot, we’ve transcended tradition to offer a stunning selection of premium meats that will captivate your palate. COCA’s commitment to quality is exemplified in our newly introduced U.S. premium marbled short ribs, U.S. Kurobuta pork slices, and sliced ribeye beef—a trio that personifies excellence.

A Symphony of Senses

At COCA, our premium meat selection isn’t just sustenance; it’s an artistic exploration of taste and texture. With each bite, you’re invited to indulge in a sensory masterpiece that embraces you with the expertise of our culinary team. The symphony of flavors derived from these premium cuts will resonate with your senses, leaving a lasting impression that sets COCA’s Premium Seafood Buffet apart.

A Culinary Adventure

While it may be known as the Premium Seafood Buffet, our premium meats showcase our unwavering dedication to providing an exceptional dining experience. Delight in the meticulous sourcing, the intricate preparation, and the embodiment of flavors that tell tales of lands far and wide. This carnivorous journey is a testament to our pursuit of culinary excellence, inviting you to explore the harmonious marriage of quality and taste.


Garden of Freshness: A Harmonious Affair with Vegetables

Amidst the ocean’s treasures and the artistry of premium meats, COCA’s Garden of Freshness flourishes—a verdant tribute to nature’s abundance. In a realm where culinary excellence is paramount, our array of thoughtfully curated vegetables takes center stage, elevating your dining experience with a burst of freshness and flavor.

At COCA, our vegetable offerings aren’t mere accompaniments; they’re a harmony of tastes that complement and elevate the overall dining experience. While we specialize in the art of hotpot, our Garden of Freshness represents our commitment to providing a symphony of tastes that cater to your discerning palate.

The vegetable offerings at COCA are far from ordinary; they are a harmonious affair that showcases the vibrant colors, flavors, and textures that nature has to offer. This is because the integration of fresh vegetables adds depth and balance to the overall hotpot experience, a testament to COCA’s dedication to delivering an exceptional meal.


Interactive Theatre: Hotpot Delights Unveiled

At COCA’s Premium Seafood Buffet, dining transcends the ordinary to become an interactive theatre of hotpot delights. This is where COCA reimagines the traditional hotpot experience as a journey of communal dining, where friends and family come together to create unforgettable memories.

Over here, the aroma of simmering broths fills the air, tempting your senses as you gather around the bubbling hotpot. Moreover, choose from an extensive array of broths, each crafted with care to accentuate the flavors of the ingredients it will soon cradle.

To enjoy your hotpot, select your favorite seafood, meats, and vegetables. Afterwards, dip thinly sliced beef into the bubbling broth and watch it cook to tender perfection in mere seconds. Finally, play with the textures of bouncy fish balls and succulent fish fillets as they absorb the essence of the broth.

When you’re done with the meats, experiment with a medley of mushrooms, each imparting its unique earthy flavor to the broth. These fungi elevate the hotpot experience to new heights as you engage in lively conversation and laughter, creating unforgettable moments.

The interactive theatre of hotpot delights at COCA results in more than just a meal; it creates an experience that unites people, transcending cultures and backgrounds to celebrate the joy of coming together around a shared table.


Rice & Noodles: Carbs that Comfort and Satisfy

At COCA, we extend an invitation to elevate your dining experience with our extraordinary rice and noodle offerings, a perfect pairing to our sea treasures and premium meats. These dishes, carefully curated to comfort and delight, serve as a harmonious accompaniment to the symphony of flavors that unfold on your plate.

A Tale of Culinary Artistry: Garlic Rice and Pao Fan

Amidst the bubbling pots and simmering aromas, our signature garlic rice and pao fan shine as the stars of this ensemble. Each grain of our garlic rice tells a story of wok mastery, where fragrant garlic and tender rice blend seamlessly, creating a canvas of flavor that elevates your dining experience. When you infuse our Pao fan with your selected broth, simmered to perfection with premium ingredients, it transforms into a symphony of flavors. This rice porridge becomes a warm embrace of comfort, enriched by the essence of seafood and your chosen components for the hotpot, ensuring a uniquely flavorful experience every time.

Embracing Simplicity: Thai MAMA Instant Noodles

For those seeking a touch of nostalgia and familiarity, our Thai MAMA instant noodles beckon. A nod to simplicity, these noodles offer a delightful respite amidst the bounty of flavors, conjuring memories of comfort and ease.


Indulgence Beyond Measure: Drinks and Desserts

COCA treats you to a lavish indulgence beyond measure with our selection of drinks and desserts as your journey reaches a crescendo.

For the connoisseurs of our premium buffet, the lavishness extends to the realm of libations. Revel in the luxury of free-flow beer, a golden elixir that pairs seamlessly with the rich flavors of the sea and the finest cuts of meat. A welcome serving of wine awaits, gracefully enhancing your dining experience with its nuanced notes and robust undertones.

A Divine Dessert Du jour: East meets West

The curtiain draws on your meal with a singular dessert, a masterpiece that melds cultures and flavors. Introducing “East meets West”: Gula Melaka Syrup, Sago, and Coconut Ice Cream. This creation transcends boundaries, uniting the sweet sophistication of Gula Melaka syrup, the textural intrigue of sago pearls, and the cool creaminess of coconut ice cream. Each spoonful is a journey through contrasting elements that culminate in a harmonious culinary crescendo.

At COCA, every element of your dining experience is meticulously crafted to transcend the ordinary. From the clink of your glass to the final spoonful of dessert, our commitment to delivering an unparalleled gastronomic journey is unwavering.


Impeccable Service: Where Hospitality Meets Artistry

Throughout your culinary odyssey at COCA, one constant remains—the impeccable service that elevates the dining experience to extraordinary heights. First and foremost, the service staff at COCA are more than just attendants. They are the maestros behind the symphony of culinary delights, ensuring that every diner’s journey is seamless, delightful, and unforgettable.

From the moment you step foot into the restaurant, you are greeted with genuine warmth and a smile that sets the mood for the dining adventure ahead. Additionally, our staff are attentive and knowledgeable, serving as culinary guides who can share their insights into the dishes and offer recommendations tailored to your preferences.

Whether it’s replenishing your hotpot broth with care or anticipating your beverage preferences, our service staff’s dedication to excellence adds an extra layer of magic to the culinary journey.

In the hands of our service staff, the dining experience at COCA becomes a symphony of hospitality, artistry, and genuine care, where each guest feels valued and cherished.


A Culinary Extravaganza Like No Other

In conclusion, COCA’s Premium Seafood Buffet beckons with alluring promise. The buffet is a culinary extravaganza that transcends the ordinary, taking you on a globe-trotting adventure of the senses. COCA enchants with a symphony of tastebuds that celebrate the wonders of the ocean, the opulence of the land, and the bountiful blessings of nature. With an unwavering commitment to perfection and an artistry that knows no bounds, COCA has honed the ultimate dining experience—an unforgettable feast that leaves an indelible mark on your heart and palate.

Amidst this symphony of flavors, one cannot overlook the orchestration of impeccable service that underpins the dining experience.  This is all thanks to the maestros of hospitality at COCA who attend to every detail with grace and precision. Their attentive care and passion for hospitality elevate the culinary journey to new heights, leaving you feeling pampered and cherished.


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At COCA, every meal is a celebration of life, love, and the sheer joy of savoring the flavors that make our world an enchanting place to be. Everyone is welcomed to savor the flavors here at COCA’s Premium Seafood Buffet. Bon appétit!